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Vol./Issue Date Destination State
VOL. I, #1 Jan. ‘92 Big Horn River Montana
DePuy’s Spring Creek Montana
Nelson Spring Creek Montana
Sacramento River (Lower) California
San Juan River New Mexico
VOL. I, #2 Mar.‘92 Big Hole River & Stanchfield Pond Montana
to top
Clark Canyon Reservoir Montana
Davis Lake California
Missouri River Montana
Red Rock River Montana
VOL. I, #3 May ‘92 Dean River Canada
to top
Lewiston Lake California
Red Rock Lake Montana
Trinity River (Upper) California
VOL. I, #4 July ‘92 Deschutes River (steelhead) Oregon
to top
Williamson River Oregon
VOL. I, #5 Sept.‘92 Lees Ferry Arizona
to top
Los Roques, Venezuela Others
Stone Lagoon California
Trinity River (Lower) California
VOL. I, #6 Nov.‘92 O’Neill Forebay (stripers) California
to top
Owens River California
Russian River (steelhead) California
  Sandy River Oregon
VOL. II, #1 Jan. ‘93 Baum Lake California
to top
Fryingpan River Colorado
Roaring Fork River Colorado
VOL. II, #2 Mar. ‘93 Florida Keys (tarpon) Others
to top
Hat Creek Ranch California
Taylor River Colorado
Yamsi Ranch Oregon
VOL. II, #3 May‘93 Fall River California
to top
Green River Utah
Ruby River Montana
VOL. II, #4 July ‘93 Delaney Buttes Colorado
to top
Eagle Lake California
Encampment River Wyoming
Kern River California
North Platte River Wyoming
VOL. II, #5 Sept.‘93 Boca Reservoir California
to top
Dolores River Colorado
Pyramid Lake Nevada
Rocky Ford Creek Washington
Stampede Reservoir California
VOL. II, #6 Nov.‘93 Owens River California
to top
Skagit River (steelhead) Washington
  Snake River (Henry’s Fork) Idaho
VOL. III, #1 Jan.‘94 Bitterroot River Montana
to top
Rock Creek Montana
Stony Creek California
Yakima River Washington
VOL. III, #2 Mar.‘94 Chopaka Lake Washington
to top
Sacramento River (Upper) California
Sacramento River (Valley-shad) California
Shamrock Ranch Colorado
VOL. III, #3 May ‘94 Dry Falls Lake Washington
to top
Elktrout Lodge Colorado
Green River Wyoming
New Fork River Wyoming
Silver Hlton, B.C. Canada
VOL. III, #4 July ‘94 Hebgen Lake Montana
to top
Salmon River (steelhead) Idaho
Stanislaus River (stripers) California
Wind River/ Bighorn River Wyoming
VOL .III, #5 Sept. ‘94 Boise River (South Fork) Idaho
to top
Colorado River (Breeze/Kemp) Colorado
Frank’s Tract (stripers) California
Trinity River (Hoopa) California
VOL. III, #6 Nov. ‘94 Blackfeet Indian Reservation Montana
to top
Nelson’s Caddis Others
Rogue River (Holy Water) Oregon
  Feather River (steelhead) California
VOL. IV, #1 Jan. ‘95 Klamath Basin Oregon
to top
Lenice Lake Washington
Merry Lake Washington
Nunnaily Lake Washington
Redondo (bonito) California
VOL. IV, #2 Mar.‘95 Clark Fork Columbia River Montana
to top
Kings River (Upper) California
Spring Creek Idaho
Umpqua River (smallmouth) Oregon
Wilm’s Pond California
VOL. IV, #3 May‘95 Butt Valley Reservoir California
to top
Crane Prairie Reservoir Oregon
Georgetown Lake Montana
Lake Almanor California
Sylvan Dale Ranch Colorado
VOL. IV, #4 July‘95 Goodrich Creek California
to top
Kootenai River Montana
North Platte River (Miracle Mile) Wyoming
Rogue River Oregon
VOL. IV, #5 Sept. ‘95 East Walker River California
to top
McCloud River California
Snake River Wyoming
Teton River Idaho
VOL. IV, #6 Nov. ‘95 Clark Canyon Reservoir (Update) Montana
to top
Gualala River California
  Umpqua River (North) Oregon
VOL. V, #1 Jan. ‘96 Henderson Springs California
to top
Klamath River Oregon
Owyhee River Oregon
Skykomish River Washington
VOL. V, #2 Mar.‘96 Blackfoot River Montana
to top
Moccasin Lake Washington
Roche Lake Canada
Sacramento River (Upper-Update) California
Tunkwa Lake Canada
VOL. V, #3 May ‘96 Beaverhead River Montana
to top
Heaven/Earth Ranch Montana
Mann Lake Oregon
Oasis Springs Lodge California
Poindexter Slough Montana
VOL. V, #4 July ‘96 Angle on Casting Others
to top
Silver Creek Idaho
Wenatchee River (steelhead) Washington
Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
VOL. V, #5 Sept.‘96 Big Lost River Idaho
to top
Chetco River (salmon) Oregon
Lake Berryessa California
Tierra del Fuego Others
VOL. V, #6 Nov.‘96 Five Years Later Others
to top
Lure of Bonefishing Others
Puget Sound (coho) Washington
  Ruby Marsh Nevada
VOL. VI, #1 Jan.‘97 Ana River Oregon
to top
Five Dot Reservoir California
Situk River Alaska
VOL. VI, #2 Mar.‘97 Deschutes River (trout) Oregon
to top
Boulder Mountains/ Fremont River Utah
Willow Creek Ranch California
VOL. VI, #3 May ‘97 Crowsnest River, Alberta Canada
to top
Flyfish ‘97 party Others
Moose Lake Lodge Canada
Soda Lake Wyoming
VOL.VI, #4 July ‘97 Bow River, Alberta Canada
to top
Fishing Streamers Others
Yampa River Colorado
Yuba River (North Fork) California
VOL. VI, #5 Sept.‘97 Arkansas River Colorado
to top
New Zealand Trout Others
Rock Creek Ranch California
Snake River (South Fork) Idaho
VOL . VI, #6 Nov.‘97 Sugar Creek Ranch California
to top
Midwestern Steelhead Others
  Western Steelhead Others
VOL. VII, #1 Jan.‘98 Hoh River (steelhead) Washington
to top
Rio Grande River New Mexico
Sheep Creek Reservoir Nevada
VOL. VII, #2 Mar.‘98 Big Bluff Ranch California
to top
Green River (below Fontenelle Reservoir) Wyoming
Lake of the Dunes Oregon
Muddy Creek Colorado
VOL. VII, #3 May ‘98 Flyfish ‘98 party Others
to top
Klamath River (above Copco Lake) California
Rock Creek Utah
Wyoming Flyfish Connection Wyoming
VOL. VII, #4 July ‘98 Discovery Bay California
to top
Elk River Canada
Grande Ronde River (steelhead) Oregon
Grande Ronde River (steelhead) Washington
St. Mary River Canada
VOL. VII, #5 Sept.‘98 Andros Island (Bahamas) Others
to top
Eagle River Colorado
Flathead River Montana
Hood Canal (salmon) Washington
VOL. VII, #6 Nov.‘98 Andros Island (Bahamas) II Others
to top
Big Horn River (Update) Montana
Guides & Guiding Others
  Sacramento River (Lower-Update) California
VOL. VIII, #1 Jan.‘99 New Orleans Redfish Others
to top
Lake McCumber California
Yamsi Ranch Oregon
VOL.VIII, #2 Mar.‘99 Lonesome Duck Oregon
to top
Williamson River Oregon
Loreto, Baja California Others
Pleasant Valley Creek California
VOL.VIII, #3 May ‘99 Fontenelle Creek Wyoming
to top
John Day River Oregon
4UR Ranch Colorado
Flyfish ‘99 Party Others
VOL. VIII, #4 July ‘99 Cody and Northwest Wyoming Wyoming
to top
Fall River Valley (Update) California
Lower Teton River Idaho
VOL. VIII, #5 Sept. '99 Stillaguamish River (sea run cutts) Washington
to top
Spinney Mtn. Res., S. Platte River Colorado
Lower Madison River Montana
Little Truckee River California
VOL. VIII,#6 Nov. '99 Coffee Cup Lake California
to top
Different of Abaco (Bahamas) Other
In Review Other
VOL. IX, #1 Jan. '00 Fort Hunter Leggit California
to top
Missouri River (Update - Pt. 1) Montana
Upper Trinity River (Update) California
VOL. IX, #2 Mar.'00 Big K Guest Ranch Oregon
to top Missouri River (Update - Pt. 2) Montana
Lakes of SE British Columbia - Pt.1 Canada
Wilms Ranch California
VOL. IX,#3 May '00 Lakes of SE British Columbia - Pt.2 Canada
to top
Upper Ruby River Montana
Flyfish 2000 Party Other
VOL. IX, #4 July '00 H Lazy 6 Ranch Montana
to top
Lower Yuba River California
McCoy Spring Creek Montana
Williamson River Leech (flytying) Other
VOL. IX, #4 Sept '00 Middle Fork Stanislaus River California
to top
North Platte River (below Alcova) Wyoming
Upper Sacramento River at Delta California
VOL. IX, #4 Nov. '00 Jardines de la Reina (Cuba) Other
to top
Depuy Spring Creek Montana
North Coast Steehead California
VOL. X #1 Jan. '01 Applegate River Oregon
San Francisco Bay Stripers California
Milesnick Recreation Montana
Questionnaire Results other
VOL. X #2 Mar. '01 Low American River California
Queen Charlotte Islands BC
Kelsey Bass Ranch California
Kamloops BC
VOL. X #3 May '01 Frenchglen Oregon
NF Coeur D'Alene River Idaho
Caribou Forest East BC
TIA Party 2001 other
VOL. X #4 July '01 Snake River Wyoming
Lake Almanor (update) California
Madison River (Yellowstone) Wyoming
Katmai Lodge Alaska
VOL. X #5 Sept. '01 Merced River California
Nelson/Marlborough Area New Zealand
Henry's Fork (Lower & Upper) Idaho
VOL. X #6 Nov. '01 Henry's Fork (Lower/Upper Update) Idaho
Methow River Washington
Personal Inflatables other
VOL. XI #1 Jan. '02 Dragon Lake B.C.
New Zealand (Part II) New Zealand
Beardsley Reservoir California
VOL. XI #2 Mar. '02 Apache Indian Reservation Arizona
Colorado River Colorada
Lower Gunnison River Colorado
VOL. XI #3 May '02 Wade Lake (Southwest) Montana
Sacramento River Shad (Central) California
Axolotl Lakes (Southwest) Montana
Madison River - Southwest (update) Montana
VOL. XI #4 July '02 Kitsap Penninsula Washington
Copper River B.C.
Klamath River California

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