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Vol./Issue Date # of
VOL. I, #1 Jan. ‘92 . * Big Horn R. MT, DePuy’s Spring Cr. MT, Nelson Spring Cr. MT, Sacramento R. (lower) CA, San Juan R. NM
VOL. I, #2 Mar. ‘92 . * Big Hole R./Stanchfield Pond MT, Clark Canyon Res. MT, Davis Lk. CA, Missouri R. MT, Red Rock R. MT
VOL. I, #3 May ‘92 . * Dean R. CAN, Lewiston Lk. CA, Red Rock Lk. MT, Trinity R. (upper) CA
VOL. I, #4 July ‘92 . * Deschutes R. OR (steelhead), Williamson R. OR
VOL. I, #5 Sept.‘92 . * Lees Ferry AZ, Los Roques-Venezuela, Stone Lagoon CA, Trinity R. (lower) CA
VOL. I, #6 Nov. ‘92 . * O’Neill Forebay (stripers) CA, Owens R. CA, Russian R. (steelhead) CA, Sandy R. OR
VOL. II, #1 Jan. ‘93 . * Baum Lk. CA, Fryingpan R. CO, Roaring Fork R. CO
VOL. II, #2 Mar. ‘93 . * Florida Keys (tarpon), Hat Creek Ranch CA, Taylor R. CO, Yamsi Ranch OR
VOL. II, #3 May ‘93 . * Fall R. CA, Green R. UT, Ruby R. MT
VOL. II, #4 July ‘93 . * Delaney Buttes CO, Eagle Lk. CA, Encampment R. WY, Kern R. CA, North Platte R. WY
VOL. II, #5 Sept.‘93 . * Boca Res. CA, Dolores R. CO, Pyramid Lk. NV, Rocky Ford Cr. WA, Stampede Res. CA
VOL. II, #6 Nov. ‘93 . * Owens River CA, Skagit R. WA (steelhead), Snake R. (Henry's Fork) ID
VOL. III, #1 Jan. ‘94 . * Bitterroot R. MT, Rock Cr. MT, Stony Cr. CA, Yakima R. WA
VOL. III, #2 Mar. ‘94 . * Chopaka Lk. WA, Sacramento R. (Upper) CA, Sacramento R. (Valley-shad) CA, Shamrock Ranch CO
VOL. III, #3 May ‘94 . Dry Falls Lk. WA, Elktrout Lodge CO, Green R. WY, New Fork R. WY, Silver Hilton B.C. CAN
VOL. III, #4 July ‘94 . Hebgen Lk. MT, Salmon R. ID (steelhead), Stanislaus R. CA (stripers), Wind R./Bighorn R. WY
VOL .III, #5 Sept.‘94 . Boise R. (South Fork) ID, Colorado R. (Breeze/Kemp) CO, Frank’s Tract CA (stripers), Trinity R. (Hoopa) CA
VOL. III, #6 Nov. ‘94 . Blackfeet Indian Reservation MT, Nelson’s Caddis, Rogue R. (Holy Water) OR, Feather R. CA (steelhead)
VOL. IV, #1 Jan. ‘95 . Klamath Basin OR, Lenice Lk. WA, Merry Lk. WA, Nunnaily Lk. WA, Redondo CA (bonito)
VOL. IV, #2 Mar. ‘95 . Clark Fork Columbia R. MT, Kings R. (Upper) CA, Spring Cr. ID, Umpqua R. OR (smallmouth), Wilm's Pond CA
VOL. IV, #3 May ‘95 . Butt Valley Res. Ca, Crane Prairie Res. OR, Georgetown Lk. MT, Lk. Almanor CA, Sylvan Dale Ranch CO
VOL. IV, #4 July ‘95 . Goodrich Cr. CA, Kootenai R. MT, North Platte R. (Miracle Mile) WY, Rogue R. OR
VOL. IV, #5 Sept.‘95 . East Walker R. CA, McCloud R. CA, Snake R. WY, Teton R. ID
VOL. IV, #6 Nov. ‘95 . Clark Canyon Res. MT (UPDATE), Gualala R. CA, Umpqua R. (North) OR
VOL. V, #1 Jan. ‘96 . Henderson Springs CA, Klamath R. OR, Owyhee R. OR, Skykomish R. WA
VOL. V, #2 Mar. ‘96 . Blackfoot R. MT, Moccasin Lk. WA, Roche Lk. CAN, Sacramento R. (Upper-UPDATE) CA, Tunkwa Lk. CAN
VOL. V, #3 May ‘96 . Beaverhead R. MT, Heaven/Earth Ranch MT, Mann Lk. OR, Oasis Springs Lodge CA, Poindexter Slough MT
VOL. V,#4 July ‘96 . Angle on Casting, Silver Cr. ID, Wenatchee R. WA (steelhead), Yellowstone National Park WY
VOL. V, #5 Sept.‘96 . Big Lost R. ID, Chetco R. OR (salmon), Lk. Berryessa CA, Tierra del Fuego
VOL. V, #6 Nov. ‘96 . Five Years Later, Lure of Bonefishing, Puget Sound WA (coho), Ruby Marsh NV
VOL. VI, #1 Jan. ‘97 . Situk R. AK, Ana R. OR, Five Dot Res. CA
VOL. VI, #2 Mar. ‘95 . Deschutes R. OR (trout), Boulder Mountains/ Fremont R. UT, Willow Cr. Ranch CA
VOL. VI, #3 May ‘97 . Crowsnest River -Alberta CAN, Flyfish ‘97 party, Moose Lk. Lodge CAN, Soda Lk. WY
VOL.VI, #4 July ‘97 . Bow River- Alberta CAN, Fishing Streamers, Yampa R. CO, Yuba River (North Fork) CA
VOL. VI, #5 Sept.‘97 . Arkansas R. CO, New Zealand Trout, Rock Creek Ranch CA, Snake River (South Fork) ID
VOL. VI, #6 Nov. ‘97 . Sugar Creek Ranch CA, Western Steelhead, Midwestern Steelhead
VOL. VII,#1 Jan. ‘98 . Hoh R. WA (steelhead), Rio Grande R. NM, Sheep Cr. Res. NV
VOL. VII,#2 Mar. ‘98 . Big Bluff Ranch CA, Green R.(below Fontenelle Res.) WY, Lake of the Dunes OR, Muddy Cr. CO
VOL. VII,#3 May ‘98 . Flyfish ‘98 party, Klamath R. (above Copco Lk.) CA, Rock Cr. UT, Wyoming Flyfish Connection
VOL. VII,#4 July ‘98 . Elk R. CAN, Grande Ronde R. OR/WA (steelhead), St. Mary R. CAN, Discovery Bay CA
VOL. VII,#5 Sept.‘98 . Andros Island (Bahamas), Eagle R. CO, Flathead R. MT, Hood Canal WA (salmon)
VOL. VII,#6 Nov. ‘98 . Andros Island (Bahamas) II, Big Horn R. (UPDATE) MT, Sacramento R. (Lower - UPDATE) CA, Guides & Guiding
VOL.VIII,#1 Jan. ‘99 . New Orleans Redfish, Lake McCumber CA, Yamsi Ranch OR (UPDATE)
VOL.VIII,#2 Mar. ‘99 .
Lonesome Duck & Williamson River OR, Loreto-Baja CA, Pleasant Valley Creek CA Party News
VOL.VIII,#3 May ‘99 .
Fontnenelle Creek WY, John Day River (smallmouth) OR, 4UR Ranch CO, Flyfish ‘99 Party
VOL.VIII,#4 July ‘99
Cody and Northwest WY, Fall River (UPDATE) CA, Lower Teton River ID
VOL.VIII,#5 Sept.'99 .
N. Fork Stillaguamish WA , Spinney Mtn. Res. & S. Platte R. CO, Lower Madison R. MT, Little Truckee R. CA
VOL.VIII,#6 Nov. '99
Coffee Cup Lake CA, Different of Abaco, In Review
VOL. IX,#1 Jan. '00
Fort Hunter Leggitt CA, Missouri River MT (update, Part 1), Upper Trinity River (update), Raft type inflatable kick boats
VOL. IX,#2 Mar. '00
Big K Guest Ranch, Oregon; Missouri River, Montana - Part II; Lakes of SE British Columbia, Part I; Wilms Ranch, California
VOL. IX,#3 May '00
Lakes of SE British Columbia, Part II; Upper Ruby River, Montana; Flyfish Party 2000 - The Inside Angler Party
VOL. IX,#4 July '00
H Lazy 6 Ranch, Montana; Lower Yuba River, California; McCoy Spring Creek, Montana; Williamson River Leech
VOL. IX,#5 Sept.'00
Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River, California; North Platte River below Alcova, Wyoming; Upper Sacramento River at Delta, California;
VOL. IX,#6 Nov. '00
Jardines de la Reina, Cuba; Depuy Spring Creek, MT. North Coast Steelhead, CA
VOL. X,#1 Jan. '01
Applegate River, OR; SF Bay Stripers, CA: Milesnick Recreation, MT: Questionnaire Results
VOL. X,#2 Mar. '01
Lower American River, CA; Queen Charlotte Islands, BC; Kelsey Bass Ranch, CA; Kamloops BC
VOL. X,#3 May. '01
Frenchglen, OR; NF Coeur D' Alene River, ID; Caribou Forest East,BC; TIA Party 2001
VOL. X,#4 July. '01
Snake River, WY; Lake Almanor,CA (update); Madison River, (Yellowstone); Katmai Lodge, AK
VOL. X,#5 Sept.'01
Merced River, CA; Nelson/Marlborough Area, New Zealand; Lower & Upper Henrys' Fork, ID
VOL. X,#6 Nov. '01
Lower Henry's Fork & Upper Henry's Fork Update, ID; Methow River, WA; Personal Inflatables
VOL. XI,#1 Jan. '02
Dragon Lake, BC; New Zealand, PartII; Beardsley Reservoir, CA
VOL. XI,#2 Mar. '02
White Mtn. Apache Indian Reservation AZ; Colorado River, CO; Lower Gunnison River
VOL. XI,#3 May '02 Wade Lake, Southwest Montana; Sacramento River Shad, Central CA; Madison River (update) and Axolotl Lakes Southwest Montana
VOL. XI,#4 July '02
Kitsap Penninsula, Western Washington; Copper River, Central British Columbia Coast; Klamath River, N. Calif.

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