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When we fish the Trinity River, we often choose to stay at the Old Lewiston Inn, a B&B catering to anglers. The Inn is ideally located on the stream just a short distance upstream of the Old Lewiston Bridge in the Catch-and-Release stretch of the river. Besides the upper river, guests staying at the Inn are short driving distances to Lewiston Lake, Grass Valley Lake, the Trinity River by Douglas City and many trout filled waters in the surrounding mountains.

The Trinity River in northern California offers some of the best steelhead fishing in the Golden State. Following the impounding of the Trinity River to form Lewiston Lake years ago, the upstream migration of anadromous fish was blocked and the stream became nearly devoid of steelhead. With the introduction of Klamath River strain, the runs are as strong as ever with returns the last two years approaching historic levels. "

The Inside Angler" reported on this fishing in Volume IX, Number #1, January 2000.

In addition to adult steelhead that ascend the Trinity, there are resident trout, including some large brown trout, fall-run salmon, and in the early season, many smolt (young steelhead) are in the stream around the small, historic hamlet of Lewiston.

The Old Lewiston Inn has seven cozy rooms furnished with local antiques. They are air conditioned with private baths and entrances and cable television. A sumptuous breakfast is taken on the deck facing the river when the weather is warm and indoor when the weather is cold or inclement. In the main gathering room, there is a roll top desk set up for fly tying.

One reason among many why Chris and I like to stay at the Old Lewiston Inn is because other guests share our passion for flyfishing. We often meet acquaintances here and make new ones. The atmosphere is charged with the kind of chemistry all anglers would appreciate.

If you hire a guide, you will be picked up right in front of the Inn. The Inn will arrange dinner for you at one of the local restaurants, if you wish, or if your group is large enough to take over the entire Inn, a modern kitchen is for your convenience.

Rates are $85/single, $95/double and $105/triple, which include breakfast.


For more information and reservations:

The Old Lewiston Inn
PO Box 688
Deadwood Road
Lewiston, CA 96052

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