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Missouri River Expeditions

The Missouri River flowing from Holter Dam in Montana is one of the premier streams in the West in which to present dry flies to wild rainbow and brown trout. It is a large, flat flowing stream easily waded on a bottom principally made up of pea gravel and weed beds, perfect habitat for growing the diverse colony of aquatic insects that make the trout fat and sassy.

Because the trout are wild, they are a constant challenge to anglers of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginning flyfisher or one with a lot of experience, you will definitely benefit from the assistance of a competent guide.

A guide that we can recommend is Tim Plaska of Missouri River Expeditions. During two drifts with Tim, Chris and I found ourselves in extremely capable hands and we caught more fish because of it. There was never any question what patterns to use and he offered instruction when it was needed. Tim is mild mannered person who enjoys nothing more than seeing his clients catch fish.

Tim Plaska, Missouri River ExpeditionsNear noon, a table and chairs were set up for a hearty and health conscious lunch accompanied by a cooled bottle of wine. The place he chose for us to eat was by an island with trout rising nearby in the event we didn't want to spend too much time eating.
Lunch - Missouri River Expeditions

Missouri River ExpeditionsTim also guides and does overnight trips on the Big Hole, Blackfoot, Dearborn and Sun Rivers. Several of his guides have extensive experience providing service for individuals with disabilities. Extended weekend flyfishing schools are conducted.

Anglers can request guided fishing at the H Lazy 6 Ranch for big stillwater trout and the Smith River on Heaven on Earth Ranch. A rod fee of $100/person is charged to fish these private ranches and guiding is extra.

Rates for guided drift fishing is $300/day for either one or two anglers. Please inquire directly for rates for overnight trips and schools.

"The Inside Angler" filed a two-part update report on the Missouri appearing successively in Volume IX, Number 1, January 2000 and Volume IX, Number 2, March 2000 featuring our fishing with Tim Plaska. The fishing on the Missouri in 1999 was exceptional and the forecast for 2000 is very promising.

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Tim Plaska
Missour River Expeditions

3 Lava Mountain Court North
Clancy, MT 59634
406/ 449-6446

e-mail: tim@MissouriRiverExp.com
web site: www.MissouriRiverExp.com

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